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22.04.2021 [Ad-Hoc-Meldung]

Announcement on the first quarter of 2021

Frankfurt/Main, 22 April 2021. The Amadeus FiRe Group's business recovery continued at a dynamic pace in the first quarter of the 2021 fiscal year. In the first three months, consolidated sales revenue increased by 14.7 per cent from €76.4m to €87.6m. Both the Personnel Services and Training segments contributed equally to the positive development.

The operating EBITA (excluding depreciation from purchase price allocations) rose by 39.3 per cent to €14.8m. EBITA grew by 53.0 per cent to €12.4m in the first quarter. Hence, earnings per share rose by 43.8 per cent to €1.38 after €0.96 in the previous year.

The significant increases in Group sales revenues and operating results achieved in the first quarter of 2021 exceeded the company's own expectations. At this point in time, the Management Board of the Amadeus FiRe Group expects to complete the full year stronger than previously projected. So far, it has been expected to exceed the previous year's operating EBITA by a good 15 per cent.

Facing the "third wave" in Germany with potentially even stricter lockdown measures and considerable uncertainty about the progress of the vaccination, expectations for the further economic recovery process are associated with a high level of intransparency. By mid-year, the situation should be more transparent and forecasts more reliable. At that time, the management board will concretise its increased expectations with a new forecast.

The full report is available on our homepage.

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