As a career partner for applicants and strategic partner for companies, we exceed expectations.

Amadeus FiRe - the company.

Amadeus FiRe AG is one of the leading personnel service companies in Germany.

At nationwide more than 20 locations Amadeus FiRe offers needs-oriented and flexible personnel solutions in the commercial sphere and IT sector through the assignment and placement of experts and managers in the Accounting, Office, Financial- und IT-Services divisions.

By integrating the group subsidiaries Tax College Dr. Endriss, Academy of International Accounting and TaxMaster, the listed Amadeus FiRe Group supports companies with a broad spectrum of complementary services that can be tailored to meet individual requirements.

The support in the case of time-limited shortages, the permanent recruitment of experts and managers as well as the transfer of current specialist knowledge are in this form unique in the German market.


Affiliates of Amadeus FiRe AG

Amadeus FiRe AG

As a personnel service company, Amadeus FiRe provides experts and managers in the commercial sphere and IT sector for over 35 years. The core business in this future market includes specialised temporary staffing, permanent placement and interim management.

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Tax College Dr. Endriss

The Tax College Dr. Endriss is Germany's biggest special school for training and education in tax, accounting and controlling. It has been nationwide successfully operating for over 60 years.

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Academy of International Accounting

The Academy of International Accounting is the first and to this day leading provider of education and training in IAS/IFRS and US-GAAP in the German market.

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The TaxMaster is a seven-semester, extra occupational study program, offered by the Steuer-Fachschule Dr. Endriss in cooperation with the University of Aalen. It includes the participation in the governmental examination for tax consultants and terminates in the academic degree Master of Arts.

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Figures, data, facts

Company: Amadeus FiRe AG
Headquarters: Frankfurt am Main
Number of branches: nationwide more than 20 branches
Number of group employees
(State of 31.12.2022):
Group revenue
(Fiscal year 2022):
407,1 mio Euros
Service overview: Specialised temporary staffing
  Permanent placement
  Interim management
  Training and education
Executive Board: Robert von Wülfing (CEO), Dennis Gerlitzki, Thomas Surwald
Supervisory Board: Christoph Groß (Chairman), Michael Grimm (Vice chairman), Heinrich Alt, Björn Empting (Employee representative), Angelika Kappe (Union representative), Annett Martin, Stefanie Mielast (Union representative), Christian Maria Ribic (Employee representative), Dr. Ulrike Schweibert, Ulrike Sommer (Employee representative), Otto Kajetan Weixler, Jan Hendrik Wessling (Representative of the senior executives)

Character of the company

Transmitting knowledge. Facilitating growth. Developing careers.

The support in the case of time-limited shortages, the permanent recruitment of experts and managers as well as the transfer of current specialist knowledge belong to the core competencies of the company. As one of the leading personnel service companies in Germany, it is our mission to match qualified applicants with customer companies.

Thereby, companies, employees, applicants and course participants benefit from our long-term experience as a provider of specialised and highly qualified services and also from our unique portfolio of services which distinguishes us from the competitors.

Create solutions together!

We treat our customers, employees and applicants with the same respect that we would like to receive and together, we are looking for a solution tailored individual requirements from a wide range of options.

Quality and service mean for us the active dialog with customers, employees and candidates. We strive for long-term relations to our employees and customers which are based on mutual respect and trustful acting.

Create the future yourself!

As a strategic and innovative partner, we actively create the future working environment together with our customer companies and employees. We develop and inspire our employees as well as we optimise the business conditions through an open and transparent exchange of ideas with our customer companies.

The development of Amadeus FiRe AG aims at organic growth and sustained success in relation to market share and revenue. We see the confirmation of good work in the own economic success as well as in the economic success of our customer companies. Growth, size and profit are results of the customer benefit and the professional work. All of them are results of our acting and not the aim.

Our entrepreneural activities are based on our employees. Without them, our past successess would not have been possbile and future growth will not be realised. Therefore, we strive to offer an ideal environment for excellent performance through the training of young people, the further training of our employees and especially through an outstanding working environment.

We invest in our employees, promote our future leaders and develop individual career paths to find a mutual way to individual and company success.

Our acting always bases on the following maxims: transmitting knowledge, facilitating growth and developing careers!