25.07.2013 [News]

Half year results of fiscal year 2013

Frankfurt/Main, 25 July 2013. In the first six months of the 2013 financial year, the Amadeus FiRe Group generated consolidated sales of EUR 68,413k (previous year: EUR 66,557k), an increase of 2.8%. Sales matched prior-year levels in temporary staffing and rose year-on-year in all other services. There were two fewer chargeable days in the reporting period than in the same period of the previous year.


Sales of individual services developed as follows:


  • Temporary staffing 0%
  • Interim and project management + 22%
  • Permanent placement + 8%
  • Training + 7%


At EUR 27,728k the Group’s gross profit for the first half of the year almost exactly matched the previous year’s figure of EUR 27,703k. The gross profit margin is 1.1 percentage points below the prior-year figure (41.6%) at 40.5%. The margin effect is primarily due to the loss of sales because of two chargeable days less in the area of temporary staffing and the unusually high level of absence due to illness among temporary workers in Germany at the start of the year. This was countered by the rising share in permanent placement sales and an improved margin in training and education on account of better utilisation of courses.


Selling and administrative expenses increased by 3.4% in the reporting period to EUR 18,259k (previous year: EUR 17,666k). The rise is essentially due to higher expenses for sales training and IT.


In the first half of the year the operating profit (EBITA) came to EUR 9,512k (prior year: EUR 10,010k) a decrease by 5.0%. After six months the EBITA margin was at 13.9% compared to 15.0% in prior year’s period.


Based on the current order situation and assuming that general economic factors develop as forecast, the Management Board expects earnings for the 2013 financial year to again be higher than the industry average for specialist personnel service providers.