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24.10.2017 [Ad-Hoc-Meldung]

Amadeus FiRe AG: Supervisory board settles succession plan for the management board

Frankfurt/Main, 23. October 2017

Today Peter Haas, CEO of Amadeus FiRe AG, informed the supervisory board that he will not extend his current contract beyond December 31, 2018. For the past 18 years Peter Haas has been member of the management board and since 2008 chairman of the board. During this time he influenced significantly the successful development of the company. The supervisory board deplores the decision of Peter Haas but of course will respect it. The supervisory as well as the management board have already initiated a succession planning run which is ready for implementation.

Robert von Wuelfing will be announced as speaker of the management board by the date of Peter Haas‘ withdrawal. Since 2012 Robert von Wuelfing is CFO and member of the Amadeus FiRe management board. Additionally he is responsible for the training business segment.

Furthermore Dennis Gerlitzki will be appointed as a member of the Amadeus FiRe management board effective from day of Peter Haas‘ withdrawal. As COO Dennis Gerlitzki will be in charge for the personnel services segment. He has been working for the company since 14 years and took over different roles in the sales organization successfully. Lastly in 2008 he became Regional Director and is responsible for a significant part of Amadeus FiRe branch office network in Germany.

Both Robert von Wuelfing and Dennis Gerlitzki have been working together with Peter Haas on the first management level for a long period of time in operations and on strategy. The new management team enjoys the fullest trust of Peter Haas and the supervisory board.

The supervisory board is convinced that the new management team will successfully lead the company with a high level of competency and experience.

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