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Company: Amadeus FiRe AG
Headquarters: Frankfurt am Main
Number of branches: nationwide 20 branches
Number of group employees
(State of 31.12.2018):
Group revenue
(Fiscal year 2018):
205.8 mio Euros
Service overview: Specialised temporary staffing
Permanent placement
Interim management
Training and education
Executive Board: Robert von Wülfing (CEO)
Dennis Gerlitzki
Thomas Surwald
Supervisory board: Christoph Groß (Chairman), Michael C. Wisser (Vice chairman), Knuth Henneke, Ines Leffers, Dr. Ulrike Schweibert, Hartmut van der Straeten, Ulrike Bert (Employee representative), Ulrike Sommer (Employee representative), Elmar Roth (Employee representative), Andreas Setzwein (Employee representative), Sybille Lust (Union representative), Mathias Venema (Union representative)